Code Definition Are You? Do You Like To? Description
Realistic Do physical, hands-on activities ×   practical

×   straightforward

×   mechanical

×   nature lover

×   curious

×   athletic


×   be physically active

×   use your hands

×   build and fix things

×   work with tools, machines, plants, animals

×   athletics

People who have athletic or mechanical abilities.  They prefer to work with objects, machines, tools, plants, animals or be outdoors.  Their hobbies involve sports, manual labor, camping, and hiking.  You might describe them as practical or strong.  Careers include foresters, electricians, mechanics, and computer programmers.
Investigative Use scientific methods to analyze and solve problems ×   inquisitive

×   analytical

×   observant

×   precise

×   intellectual

×   independent


×   use the scientific method

×   explore abstract ideas

×   investigate and solve problems

×   observe/ learn

×   understand theories

×   perform lab experiments

People who enjoy observing, learning, investigating, analyzing, evaluating. or solving problems.  Some enjoy working in labs, studying chemistry, or solving logical problems.  You might describe them as studious, logical, or curious.  Careers include engineers, astronomers, biologists, physicians, and economists.
Artistic Practice creativity ×   creative

×   intuitive

×   imaginative

×   innovative

×   individualist

×   sensitive

×   practice creativity in what you do

×   come up with original ideas

×   express yourself creatively

×   create works of art

×   appreciate the arts

People who are innovative and artistic.  They like to use their imagination and creativity and often seek out unstructured situations.  This group includes people with interests in art, design, music, and literature.  They are independent, insightful, and original.  Careers include graphic artists, writers, interior designers and musicians.
Social Help people ×   friendly

×   helpful

×   compassionate

×   insightful

×   outgoing

×   understanding

×   help and work with people

×   teach, advise, train, or counsel others

×   listen to, understand, and communicate with others

×   express yourself clearly


People who enjoy working with people.  They want to inform, enlighten, help, train, or cure others.  These people are strong communicators and want to share with others.  They are friendly, caring, cooperative, and often outgoing.  Careers include teachers, social workers, lawyers, and counselors.
Enterprising Influence and manage people ×   self-confident

×   assertive

×   sociable

×   persuasive

×   enthusiastic

×   ambitious

×   decisive

×   influence and convince people

×   sell things/ promote ideas

×   supervise, manage, and lead others

×   make plans and important decisions for organizations

×   initiate projects

×   start your own business

×   give talks or speeches


People who enjoy working with others.  They want to influence, persuade, and lead.  They enjoy performing and managing.  They are confident, assertive, ambitious, and often enthusiastic.  Careers include managers, marketing, sales, and politicians.
Conventional Organize information and follow correct procedures ×   organized

×   accurate

×   numbers person

×   methodical

×   practical

×   efficient

×   conscientious

×   work within an organized system

×   follow procedures

×   work with numbers

×   keep accurate records

×   be responsible for details

People who are interested in organized, clearly defined activities.  They enjoy manipulating data and have strong clerical and numerical abilities.  This group is efficient, orderly, practical and dependable.  Careers include receptionists, accountants, dispatchers, and bank tellers.

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