If you have a specific and brief question about (1) preparing for, (2) applying to, or (3) succeeding in counseling psychology graduate school, send me an email with your question via my Contact form. Select the “Ask Dr. Hammer a Brief Question about Graduate School” option on the contact form.

However, before sending me a question, please first peruse the list of informational resources on my Graduate School Advice page, as your question may be answered by one of those resources.

I will either reply via email or record a video with my advice and email you the link.

If I think other students might be interested in hearing my answer to your question, I may also add this video to my Graduate School Advice YouTube playlist. If I do this, I won’t use your name in the video and your identity will be kept confidential. I find that different students have a lot of the same questions, so this can be a great way to build a collection of videos that address frequently asked questions.

1/23/23 Update: At this time, I am no longer accepting additional coaching requests; I will update this page when I start accepting coaching appointment requests again. If you are looking for more than a brief answer to a specific question, and would prefer to have a coaching session with me via teleconference (e.g., Zoom), I have a limited number of coaching appointment slots available each week. I charge on a “pay-what-you-can” scale and encourage you to consult this thumbtack page and this fee schedule as a guide. To inquire, select the “Interested in CPGS Coaching” option on my Contact form.