Courses Taught

Over the course of my academic career, I have taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, including the following:


EDP 605: Techniques in Counseling
EDP 606: Professional Issues in Counseling
EDP 652: Theories of Counseling
EDP 664: Pre-Masters Practicum in Counseling Psychology
EDP 665: Post-Master’s Practicum in Counseling Psychology
EDP 666: Psychology of Career Counseling
EDP 708: Internship in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology
EDP 765: Doctoral Research Seminar


Laboratory in Counseling Theories and Techniques
Research Methods in Psychology
Personal Career Development
Laboratory in Introductory Psychology
Academic Learning Skills

Here’s a brief video where I share some reflections on teaching.  This clip is from a larger interview I did with the UK Alumni Association, which gives out teaching awards to UK faculty nominated by their students:


My Perspective on Clinical Training

Learning to do psychotherapy well is a lifelong journey.  This journey is wonderful, challenging, rewarding, stressful, meaningful; all of these things and more.  When I think about my own path thus far, my training has directly enhanced my awareness of how I think about the world, handle and express my emotions, make others feel when I interact with them, and view myself and others as cultural beings.  I believe that this enhanced awareness has made me a better therapist and a better person.  This gift that I have received from those who trained me is something I am passionate about “paying forward” to the next generation of counselors and counseling psychologists.  If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in embarking on (or continuing) a journey like the one I described, I sincerely hope you will consider applying to one of our excellent counseling psychology programs at UK.