I’ve been a counseling psych faculty member going on seven years now and have learned a lot about the opportunities and challenges associated with being a counseling psychology faculty member at a large research-focused public university.

The purpose of this podcast is to share advice with new or potential future counseling psychology faculty members about how to navigate the research, teaching, mentoring, tenure, and academic department politics aspects of being in academia.

Each stand-alone episode covers a different topic, so feel free to listen to those episodes that most interest you.

I wanted to create a podcast like this because there is so much hidden curriculum, so to speak, when it comes to navigating faculty life. I wanted to provide a resource like this to those folx to supplement advice received from their doctoral mentors.

To listen, stream the podcast episodes directly from the “Advice for New Counseling Psychology Faculty: A Podcast” podcast webpage. You can also jump to a specific episode using the links below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Job Negotiation and Startup
  3. Service, Saying No, and Prioritizing Obligations
  4. Workflow Organization
  5. Tenure Expectations
  6. Research Strategies and Collaboration
  7. Building a Research Lab
  8. Undergrad Students and Research Assistants
  9. Managing Students and Expectations in the Lab
  10. Professional Conferences
  11. Website Development
  12. Doctoral Application Cycle
  13. Doctoral Interview Day
  14. Teaching and Course Planning
  15. Teaching: In the Classroom
  16. Navigating Academic Power Relations and Interpersonal Dynamics