Watching videos is one of the easiest and most helpful ways to learn statistics.  I’m always looking for high-quality YouTube videos that I can share with my students.  Below is a list of links to helpful videos on various statistics topics.  If you have a suggestion for a video I should add to this list, please email me.

General Statistics and Research Method Tutorials

SPSS Tutorials

  • The SPSS for Beginners Series has 51 videos on managing, cleaning, visualizing, and analyzing data in SPSS that are accessible to beginners and well produced and organized.
  • Dr. Todd Grande has 190 videos on Statistical Analyses using SPSS, including topics such as ANCOVA, factor analysis, regression, testing assumptions for two-way ANOVA, normality tests in SPSS, recode into same variables, visual binning, creating bar charts, reverse coding, histograms, split file function, creating z-scores, data transformations of skewed variables, estimating inter-rater reliability, multiple regression with dummy coding, hierarchical regression, curvilinear regression analysis, creating and interpreting scatterplots, creating error bar graphs, creating and interpreting Q-Q and Bland-Altman plots, coding missing values, Cook’s Distance, ANOVA with posthocs, analyzing differences in percentages, main and interaction effects in ANOVA, and much more.  Start with his list of videos when you’re looking for information.  See also his 33 videos on Advanced Multivariate Statistics, some of which overlap with the aforementioned 190 videos list.
  • RStatsInstitute covers a lot of basic statistics concepts, including how to calculate things by and hand, conduct analyses in Excel and SPSS, and create graphs and charts.  Here is a list of their YouTube playlists on various topics.
  • SPSS for Newbies covers many basic SPSS topics across 72 videos.

MPLUS Tutorials

Qualtrics Survey Platform Tutorials

Note: Now that the Qualtrics interface has been updated, some of these videos will show the old interface.  Most of the functionality remains the same, but you’ll have to look for the functionality in new places given the new interface.  Qualtrics also has easy to understand written support guides on all topics.

Text-Based Stats Resources

Here are some recommended websites that offer a wealth of text-based tutorials, interpretation guides, online calculators, etc.

  • Statpages has advice on choosing the right stats test, descriptive/comparative/correlational online stats calculators, etc.