If you’re not sure how to find the right career for you, I have two resources that you may find helpful.

The first is the Systematic Career Exploration Approach (SCEA) ©.  The SCEA is a method of systematically exploring yourself and the world of work in order to find the occupation that fits you best.   It’s a free, step-by-step guide that teaches you how to use high-quality internet resources in order to make informed career decisions.

If you discover, by using the SCEA, that you score high on the Social (“Helpers”) career interest type, the second resource that may be of interest to you is the Mental Health Professions Career Test ©.  The Test will help you explore which of 21 different mental health professions might be the best fit for your interests.  The Test is free and can be taken anonymously.  The Test will provide you with interest scores on each of the 21 occupations, which you can then enter into the downloadable Interpretation Chart.  The Chart will help you see how these professions stack up to each other, and also provides helpful information and links so that you can learn more about the day to day tasks, salary, educational requirements, job growth, and training programs for those occupations that you scored highest on.