Do you like to help people?  If so, a career as a mental health professional might be a great fit for you!

However, there are many different mental health professions to choose from.  How are you supposed to know which one would be the best fit for you?

The Mental Health Professions Career Test © can help you explore the possibilities!  This test is free and can be taken anonymously.  Over 56,000 people have taken it thus far.

This version of the Test will provide you with “interest scores” for the following 21 mental health professions:

1. Counseling Psychologists
2. Clinical Psychologists
3. School Psychologists
4. Neuropsychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists
5. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
6. Marriage and Family Therapists
7. Healthcare Social Workers
8. Mental Health & Substance Abuse Social Workers
9. Child, Family, & School Social Workers
10. Mental Health Counselors
11. Rehabilitation Counselors
12. Substance Abuse & Behavioral Disorder Counselors
13. Educational & School Counselors
14. Vocational & Career Counselors
15. Social & Human Service Assistants
16. Social & Community Service Managers
17. Psychiatric Aides
18. Psychiatric Technicians
19. Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses
20. Psychiatrists (a type of medical physician)

21. Arbitrators, Mediators, & Conciliators

To take the test, visit the Mental Health Professions Career Test © website.

Check out this video to learn more about the Test and the accompanying Interpretation Chart, which provides information about the day to day tasks, salary, educational requirements, job growth, and training programs for those occupations that you scored highest on: