Zach Dschaak is a fourth-year Counseling Psychology doctoral candidate. Zach received a B.S. from Minot State University with majors in Psychology and Addiction Studies and a M.A. in Counseling from the University of North Dakota. Zach’s clinical experiences include working with veterans at the Robley Rex Veteran Affairs Medical Center, conducting assessment at Eastern State Hospital, and is currently completing a substance use treatment rotation at New Vista – Center for Women and Children. Zach is a member of Dr. Joseph Hammer’s Help-Seeking and Multicultural Measurement Evaluation Research (HAMMER) Lab. Zach’s research interests include substance use help seeking and rural mental health. Zach is a Lyman T. Johnson Fellow, the recipient of the Association of Emeriti Faculty Fellowship, the assistant to the director of Doctoral and MS training, and holds a teaching assistantship for the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology. Zach is also the regional coordinator for the Student Affiliates of Seventeen. Email:

Here’s a brief snippet of Zach Dschaak presenting at a recent UK EDP FRED Talk: