Emily Murphy is a third-year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program. She completed her undergraduate degree with a B.S. in Psychology at Indiana University in 2018 during which she worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Joel Wong’s lab, Dr. Linda Smith’s Cognitive Development Lab, and was a teaching assistant for Dr. Jeff Huber’s class- The Psychology of Coaching and Motor Performance. While at Kentucky, she has worked as a teaching assistant for the psychology department and is a member of Dr. Joseph Hammer’s Help-Seeking and Multicultural Measurement Evaluation Research (HAMMER) Lab. Her research primarily focuses on looking at the integration of counseling into sport and performance psychology, with her recent work focusing on multicultural training in sport psychology practitioners and various aspects of identity in sport culture. Regarding clinical work, she was the Transylvania University sport psychology consultant for the 2019-2020 year and has spent the past four years working for Dr. Alison Arnold, a leading sport psychology consultant for USA Gymnastics. Additionally, she serves as the Professional Development Officer for the Sport and Exercise Graduate Psychology Club, a University of Kentucky Second Year Success Coach, and is happy to answer any questions via email! e.murphy@nulluky.edu

Email: e.murphy@nulluky.edu