October 2018 Update: Thank you to everyone who supported Sandy.  She has been elected!

Hi Everyone,

Sandra (Sandy) Shullman is running for President of the American Psychological Association (APA) during this upcoming 2018-2019 election cycle.

If you are a voting member of the American Psychological Association, my hope is that you will give your nomination and #1 vote to Sandra this 2018 election cycle.

I first met Sandy as a Society of Counseling Psychology Leadership Academy participant when I was still a doctoral student.  Sandy modeled a mix of warmth, candor, humor, and assertiveness that made learning about leadership skills and styles in the context of cultural identity a pleasure.  I hear those qualities in her campaign statement:

“APA is at an inflection point–a critical moment of transformation. We need to listen and learn from each other so we can build a real community of psychologists, supported by the strength of our diversity, far beyond our current fragmentation. Our society needs the resources and solutions that psychology can provide. As a unified, dedicated organization, we can lead and contribute to resolution of key national and global issues such as health care, poverty, violence, and immigration. We can create change together at a new, enhanced level of impact–one robust discipline, united by our mission as a scientifically grounded organization, committed to the public good, supporting it’s members to create a positive future for all. I want to help create APA’s organizational future.”

Sandy has supported me in my journey into from students to early career professional, and I’ve witnessed her mentorship in action with other students and ECP’s from the Division 17 of APA.  Her mentoring is one piece of a larger, impressive tapestry of professional accomplishments and service contributions to APA, our profession of psychology, and the public we serve.  She’s served on the APA Board of Directors, chaired the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology and APA Good Governance Project, served on the executive boards of four APA divisions, is a member of 7 APA divisions, and served as President of the Ohio Psychological Association.  She was a co-author on the first major national study on sexual harassment in academia and the workplace and has published key scholarship on performance enhancement and assessment.  Her CV is a laundry list of leadership accomplishments.  It is the perfect time to ask Sandy to lead APA as President during this critical moment of transformation in our profession’s history.  From the Hoffman Report, to the tidal wave of integrated and managed care, to the emboldened bigotry that threatens the fabric of our country, Sandy has the perspective and resolution to lead us in the right direction.

Please give her your nomination this spring, and your #1 vote to Sandy this fall 2018 election.

You can learn more about Sandy at her campaign website:


Thanks for your support!

–  Joe Hammer, PhD